Our PlayMaker School was featured in this PBS NewsHour special which aired in June of 2014.  The piece highlights the application of Catalyst's philosophy with 6th grade students in an integrated model. The Playmaker concept was based on using games and authentic experiences as engagement tools, while creating broad contexts that urged children to explore what they're interested in within the boundaries of a given topic.

In this sister piece to the first video, PBS highlighted the collaboration, teamwork, and experiential learning that happened every day at the PlayMaker School. This project featured students founding their own video game companies and beta testing their games with an authentic audience - other students!

The PlayMaker School reflected a revolution in education designed to prepare students for 21st Century success. The aim was to make school feel less like "school" and more like real life, allowing students to develop the connective tissue needed to synthesize information and apply knowledge.

Written, directed, and produced by the students, this video focuses on how technology had an impact at the PlayMaker School.

As an introduction to a year-long LARP (Live Action Role Play) experience, students at PlayMaker have the morning interrupted by an urgent message from Commander Tweed.  These types of experiences engage students in their learning and promote a desire to solve problems, collaborate, and persevere.

Highlighting the "MAKER" side of the PlayMaker School, this video shows the benefits of allowing students to think with their hands.